Why choose us


When it comes to fast service, done right and with energetic and upbeat staff, no one compares.  We are constantly surveying our customers to understand their needs.  We have discovered a few simple things they want:


Fast Service. We understand that sometimes you need immediate service.  We worked hard to make sure we can accommodate your quick requests by having the right staff and flexible scheduling.

Work done Right the first time. We see no other alternative.  This is the main reason our moving staff are also qualified computer service people.   This helps us to ensure we avoid problems in the first case.  Who better to pack your IT and other technology, than someone that understands it as more than just a box with wires?


On-Time Service. How important is this?  Massively important to our staff.  We know so much is riding on the completion of a technology move or tradeshow logistics.  Human resources are wasted while waiting around for the technology to arrive and readied for use.


Few or no complications. With our well trained and experienced staff we are constantly looking forward to anticipate troubles.  Employing A+ Certified Computer/IT Technicians helps us achieve this goal.  We know the where problems can crop up and we simply move to remove those problems BEFORE they have a chance to occur.


Friendly, HELPFUL people that understand client needs. Why hire a group of grumpy, un-cooperative movers, when you can have friendly, upbeat people that work on YOUR behalf?  We hire based on qualifications and something more… Friendliness.  We look for people that will take time to answer your questions and help out with requests as they come up

Making Customer Satisfaction our #1 Priority

Infinity transportation INC is dedicated to providing our customers with the most up to date and efficient freight shipping and trucking services available. We provide superior quality freight transportation and an ongoing commitment to exceed the expectations of our customers. We offer nationwide freight shipping services for all types and sizes of freight.

Infinity transportation INC , your long haul company, employs knowledgeable professionals to provide you with the best in customer satisfaction. The Freight Rate Central Inc has set itself apart from the competition by striving for excellence and making customer satisfaction our #1 priority.

We have access to only the best and well-known national freight carriers and specialize in long-distance shipments, and these shipping/trucking services listed here and more:



About Us

Infinity transportation is southeast Michigan’s premier transportation provider since 2011. With one of the  best fleets in the state we can meet any and all customer needs

In 2011, an idea to form a transportation company was conceived by Mark Shmaya and Sam Allos. Based on a long family history in the transportation industry and their diverse backgrounds, the founders knew they could develop a successful business serving the growing logistical needs of a global economy.

First order of business was choosing a name, many ideas were thrown around but Infinity transportation stuck as long lasting and clearly tied to the nature of business.